Body Massage



Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to rebalance the body’s systems by applying focused pressure on specific points or reflexes on the feet which refer or map to specific organs and structures in the body. Starting with holistic massage using aroma oils to ease tension and promote reflection to your mind and body.
30 mins - 45 mins €35 - €45

Holistic Full Body Massage

A deep tissue massage technique enhanced with aromatherapy oils harmonise the mind and body. Eases tension and relaxes the body. The massage begins on the back, back of the neck. Then the back and front of the legs. It finishes on the arms and décolleté for total relaxation and stress relief.
60 mins€ 60

Ayurveda Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Massage is beneficial for stress reduction, it can also speed healing, break down adhesions, reduce high blood pressure, improve posture and can help prevent insomnia. The back, neck and shoulders are a common area of tension in most people, and so by focusing on this area the therapist is able to thoroughly relax those tight muscles and ease all that tension away.
30mins - 45mins€35 - €45

Indian Head & Neck Massage

Indian head massage is an alternative massage therapy that clears the body’s energy channels. Blocks in these energy channels cause a build-up of negative energy and are purported to cause ailments.
30 mins€ 30


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